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(100904) boa & derek hough backstage at smtown live ‘10 in los angeles
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"That’s how I spent my teens. People wanted so much from me, but I was just one person. I didn’t know who I was singing for."

(090103 guerilla date) — boa recounts the feelings she had at one point experienced since mid 2005. in december 2007, then 21-year-old boa courageously expressed to the media that after seven straight years of constant activity in the entertainment scene, the drive and motivation once held for her profession became lost in a sea of never-ending schedules and traveling. it was a task to sustain the popularity she had achieved early on as a teenager; the demanding lifestyle making the singer question her own aim in life. she had reflected on whether or not it was selfish to be less than satisfied despite all she had gained, to the point of quitting singing even. but according to boa herself, that very prospect was enough to disregard the aforementioned thoughts entirely, because simply put: this life was all she had, and all that she knew she had wanted.


BoA's Vocal Analysis


BoA has a very different voice from most other female vocalists in K-pop. Although being an idol singer, she has a very extensive career which has lasted more than over a decade. Her voice is piercing, unique and very individual. She’s got a bright voice with a certain weightier quality to it due to the excessive chest she uses at times. BoA’s range is extensive down below allowing for more mid-rangey songs most of the time. She’s always been able to transition into ballads and pop, rather than being a vocalist, she’s more of an entertainer all around. Most of the time she uses a healthier technique by transitioning into head voice rather than pushing her mix/chest up too high, to allow for a smarter vocal approach.

Kwon BoA — Masayume Chasing Music Japan


Kwon BoA — Masayume Chasing Music Japan